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Ghost Group exports to 30 countries

The Ghost Group has been engaged in the transformation of paper since 1996. Suavecel, the group's first factory, started by producing toilet paper, kitchen rolls and tissue paper for ‘private label’, a growing market in the 90s.

Today, Suavecel is a reference brand in the national and international markets. Later on, Nunex was the first Portuguese company to produce 100% national diapers. And finally, Fortissue, a company that supplies the raw material ‘tissue paper’ to Suavecel and which involved a recent investment of 25 million euros. A verticalization strategy that favored the group's competitiveness: it reduced the cost and increased the quality of the raw material, reducing the dependence on third parties.

In total, the group transforms about 800 thousand kilometers of paper per year into personal hygiene products, that is, the paper produced in 17 days is enough to go around the Earth. More than 60% of production is destined for large international retailers in 30 countries such as Spain, Angola, England, Colombia and China. The constant investment in cutting-edge technology allows us to produce quality products at a competitive price. The production process and storage are automated.

Nunex diapers were developed and tested in the company's laboratory at various levels such as absorption, resistance and humidity. Diapers are able to satisfy the demands of different markets. While Asian markets place more value on comfort, Western markets appreciate absorption more. As well, less developed countries still associate the thickness with the capacity of retaining liquids, a myth that technology has already solved being possible to produce thin diapers with the same performance. The quality of the diapers was confirmed by the European innovation award given to Nunex's 'Active Dry' baby diaper in 2016.

Future: Export - More production and new products

The Ghost Group is investing more than 60 million euros in new production lines and new products. The goal is to increase production as well as introduce new items such as a new toilet paper model, bed and animal underpads, sanitary pads and tampons. The increase in production will result in more than 400 million diapers, 500 million sanitary pads and 50 million tampons per year. To sell the new production, the group already has pre-agreements with international retailers.

Nuno Ribeiro, Administrator: "State-of-the-art technology"

CM - When did you start exporting?

Nuno Ribeiro - We started exporting in 1996 only for ‘private label’, and later we introduced our brands.

What are the main brands?

- Suavecel for toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins and tissues; Nunex for baby diapers and wipes and Intimus for adult diapers and wipes.

Do they adapt products to markets?

- Most products are standardized, except for some adaptations such as packages larger than 60 rolls for Portugal and smaller packages for Scandinavia.

How do you profit from the high cost of transportation?

- The export of products with greater added value dilutes the logistical cost.

What distinguishes the Ghost Group from the competition?

- State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to produce high quality products at a competitive price. BI. Name and Fundação Grupo Ghost, 1996 Product Personal Hygiene Products Location The company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Viana do Castelo. Sales (2016) 75 million euros Number of employees 200 Exports 67% sales Main markets Spain and Angola.

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Ghost Group is the winner of the Alto Minho Ativar IPVC Business 2020 Internationalization Awards


The GHOST GROUP, which includes, among others, the companies Suavecel, Fortissue and Nunex Worldwide, was the big winner in the INTERNATIONALIZATION Category of the Alto Minho Ativar IPVC Business Awards 2020.



Suavecel - Indústria Transformadora de Papel, S.A. is pleased to have Compete 2020 recognized for the value and merit of the Internationalization Project presented to Notice 19 / SI / 2015.