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Environmental awareness is increasingly present in society and the demand for products in which their life cycle respects the environment, has been increasing day by day. However, in the midst of so many brands that assume they are sustainable and environmentally friendly, how can we see if they in fact are? The answer is simple - through certifications.

The certifications ensure that the management systems are periodically audited by entities external to the company, validating their maintenance over time, both from the point of view of meeting requirements and from the point of view of continuous improvement.



Suavecel is concerned with future generations and the environment around us. In addition to management aimed at controlled consumption of resources, it takes a responsible attitude with regard to the protection of forests.


Proven and certified quality

FSC Certification guarantees that the materials used, come from well-managed forests, thus offering environmental, social and economic benefits.

PEFC Certification guarantees the consumer, that the products derive from forest management where sustainability principles are consistently applied based on three basic pillars: social, environmental and economical.

ISO - 9000 standards - Quality management
The ISO 9000 set of standards provides help to companies in various aspects related to quality management. These standards provide guidance and tools for organizations to ensure that their products and services meet customer requirements, while also ensuring product / quality service.

ISO 14000 Standards - Environmental Management
The ISO 14000 set of standards (International Organization for Standardization) provides companies with all kinds of tools that allow them to manage their environmental responsibilities.