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Productive Process

The production units of Fortissue (production of tissue paper) and Suavecel (transformation of tissue paper) are located in an area of more than 100 thousand square meters, with the objective of optimizing resources and the production process. In this way, both companies complete each other in a continuous production process.

In the same space, companies supervise the entire production process, from the production of tissue paper, through the transformation of the finished product, to the delivery to the customer. The production chain is based on sustainability principles and guarantees the highest demands on the quality of our products.

Years to innovate in the market

Suavecel in numbers

“In total, we transform about 800 thousand kilometers of paper a year into products, meaning the paper produced in 17 days is enough to go around the Earth”

4 million

toilet paper rolls per day

1.5 million

napkins per day

6,5 million

paper handkerchiefs per day

1,5 million

kitchen rolls per day

10 million

facial tissues per day