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Suavecel - Indústria Transformadora de Papel, S.A founded in 1996, is today one of the biggest portuguese players in the transformation of tissue paper for domestic use.
It is among the 55 companies with the greatest impact in Portugal, in investment in productive innovation. 

The investment in research, in the best technology worldwide, together with continuous improvement, has attributed to our products a superior quality, recognized in the most demanding markets.
The combination of the team knowledge and experience with highly technological equipment, makes Suavecel a successful company.

At Suavecel we always face challenges with courage and determination, believing in our capacity for sustainable growth, with a brand that presents quality products, focused on its customers / consumers.

Technological innovation is carried out in partnership with the equipment manufacturers, where we request the development of them, in order to allow production of the products we wish to launch in the market, with the highest possible quality. Innovation underlies the design of the product itself, allowing us to be up to date in the market worldwide.

Grupo Ghost

The Ghost Group, with more than 20 years of experience in the personal hygiene market, integrates three companies: Suavecel, Nunex Worldwide and Fortissue.

Suavecel, the group's first factory, is dedicated to the transformation of tissue paper into toilet paper, kitchen rolls, facial tissues and handkerchieves, as well as napkins.
Fortissue produces tissue paper from the transformation of cellulose pulp.
Nunex Worldwide produces and sells a wide range of personal and intimate hygiene products, including baby and adult (incontinence) diapers, baby and adult wipes, underpads and sanitary pads. It is the first and only company to produce baby diapers in Portugal.

A solid group, with more than 300 qualified and experienced employees, who work every day in a philosophy of continuous improvement.
The Ghost Group invests in the best and most developed technology worldwide, guaranteeing high quality products and high process efficiency.


Superior High-Tech Production

Strategy and Internationalization

In the manufacturing industry, the role of technology is of extraordinary importance. The combination of technical knowledge, as a set of specific knowledge of a given area of activity, with the equipment and tools suitable for good productive performance, has been the key to the success of the Suavecel project and explains the strong growth that the company has experienced since the year of its foundation.

With more than 60% of production destined for large international retailers, Suavecel is already present in more than 30 countries.


Sustainability and Innovation

We are demanding and compliant with our quality standards guaranteeing environmental, social and business sustainability.

We invest in research and the best technology in the world along with a continuous improvement in the production process and the final products. We create value because we take risks.