In life we all have a role, ours is doing the best.


The investment in research, in the best technology worldwide, together with continuous improvement, has attributed Suavecel with superior quality products.


Suavecel invests in the best and most developed technology worldwide, guaranteeing high quality products, recognized in the most demanding markets.

Superior High-Tech Production

The combination of technical knowledge used with the most adequate equipment, has been the key to success of the Suavecel project.


We are demanding and compliant with our quality standards, guaranteeing environmental, social and business sustainability.


We produce a soft, absorbent, natural and resistant paper


About the company

Suavecel is a company founded in 1996 that is dedicated to the transformation of paper, namely toilet paper, kitchen rolls, tissues and napkins.

Suavecel aspires to be a national benchmark in the excellence of its relationship with partners and in the unceasing pursuit of continuous process improvement.

We create value because we take risks.

Years to innovate in the market