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Suavecel owner invests € 60 million in his three factories

The Ghost Group, owner of the companies Suavecel, Nunex and Fortissue, has an investment of 60 million euros in progress in his three factories, located in Viana do Castelo.

"The group is investing 60 million euros in the production process with new production lines, replacement of others and in product innovation, as well as in the organizational process, supported by the Portugal 2020 program of community funds", explained in an interview to Hipersuper Nuno Ribeiro, CEO of the Ghost Group. "The investment includes the renovation of equipment and the creation of new production lines at Suavecel and Nunex and the automation of Fortissue" and should be completed by the end of June, he adds.

In detail, at Suavecel, the company dedicated to the transformation of tissue paper, the group wants to launch new tissues, napkins and hand towels. At Nunex, a company with an intimate hygiene business, the Ghost Group wants to launch new baby diapers, incontinence diapers, sanitary pads, wipes and underpads for baby and adults. "We want to  on a complete personal hygiene offer".

The group's third company is Fortissue, which dedicates activity to the production of tissue paper, the main objective of the investment is to automate and increase the production capacity of the industrial unit.

“This investment will triple the production of paper and quadruple the transformation of tissue and the production of intimate personal hygiene”, explains Nuno Ribeiro.

Currently, Nunex has an installed production capacity of more than two million diapers per day, Suavecel reaches four million rolls of toilet paper per day and Fortissue can produce 35 thousand tons of tissue paper per year.

Exports are worth 60% of sales

The Ghost Group exported 60% of its sales volume to 30 countries last year. Spain, France, England, Germany, Angola and Colombia are the countries with the greatest weight in exports. The company is now aiming to Russia, the USA, the United States and Cuba.

About 90% of the production that leaves the factories in Viana do Castelo goes to retailers, Portuguese and Europeans. “In countries with greater weight in turnover, we are increasingly betting on our own brands. In emerging markets, such as Angola and Colombia, we are 100% with the group's brands ”, reveals Nuno Ribeiro.

The group employs 300 people and expects to reach a turnover of 100 million euros this year.

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