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Ghost from Viana carries on sales of toilet paper and diapers to Angola

Suavecel and Nunex, brands of the Ghost group, which manufactures personal hygiene products in Viana do Castelo and invoiced 78 million euros last year, is investing 100,000 euros in a communication campaign in Angola, its main export market for baby diapers.

The Ghost group's manufacturing complex, located in Viana do Castelo, produces around four million rolls of toilet paper per day and has an installed capacity to manufacture around two thousand baby diapers per minute.

With Fortissue (tissue paper production), Suavecel (toilet paper, kitchen roll, napkins and tissues and facials) and Nunex (baby diapers), Ghost closed the last financial year with a turnover of 78 million euros, 2.5 million more than the previous year, revealed Nuno Ribeiro, group administrator, in statements to Business.

Exports "are about 60%" to more than 30 countries, with "Spain, France, England, Germany, Angola and Colombia" at the front, having registered "sales to new markets, such as Cyprus, Serbia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cameroon , Bulgaria, Greece, Morocco, China, Mozambique, Switzerland, Jordan, among others ".

In Angola, "Nunex's main export market and Suavecel's second largest, after Spain", the group has just launched in this PALOP "one of its biggest multimedia communication campaigns outside the country".

The campaigns of the two brands on television, radio, the press, "billboards" and local online "run until the month of June" and involve "an investment of more than 100 thousand", guaranteed Nuno Ribeiro.

With the slogan "Your baby feels the difference", the Portuguese company "wants to prove that babies that use Nunex diapers are the happiest, because they stay dry longer.

"Angola is an important market for Nunex, because it recognizes the quality of our products and for that reason we are already present in the main operators of the country's large distribution. During the next years the bet on the internationalization of our brand will be a priority", he underlined Marco Silva, general manager of Nunex.

Ghost's toilet paper brand campaign, on the other hand, "bets on an African sculptural body, wrapped in Suavecel paper, to convey the smoothness of the brand's ranges, with the aim of gaining more notoriety in the country".

In Portugal, Nuno Ribeiro said that the Ghost group, which employs 292 people, "is investing 60 million euros in the production process with new production lines and in the innovation of new products, as well as in the organizational process of the three companies, within the scope of of Portugal 2020 community funds. "


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