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Artist creates art with toilet paper and makes 300 flowers for the Cerveira Biennial

A Brazilian artist created a piece of art, composed of more than 300 flowers made with 1,200 meters of toilet paper, which will be exhibited, starting on Saturday, at the International Art Biennial, in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Daniela Steele's work, entitled "Parede de Flores", uses sheets of toilet paper to cover the wall with 320 flowers, causing, according to the author, a feeling of "lightness and romanticism", the Viana company explained today in a statement, the company in Viana do Castelo that supplied that material and that, every day, in toilet paper alone, produces four million rolls.

More than 600 projects by 500 artists from 35 countries will be on display, from Saturday and until September 16th, at the 19th Vila Nova de Cerveira Art Biennial, in Alto Minho.

With the theme "From Pop Art to Trans-Vanguards, Appropriations of Popular Art", the event, which will be inaugurated on Saturday by the Minister of Culture, Luís Filipe Castro Mendes, in the cinema of that village, at 16:00, will go, this year , pay tribute to the painter Paula Rego.

The project "Parede de Flores" will be exhibited near the entrance to the main exhibition hall of the Bienal, at the Cultural Forum of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

According to the Brazilian artist, mentioned in that note, the piece, which took three days to create, intends to "show that, with toilet paper, a necessary product, but which is not valued by most people, it is possible to create a beautiful work of art and with artistic value ".

According to Daniela Steele, this project meets the theme of the oldest Biennial of Art in the country, "taking into account that even the flowers were made by hand and individually, therefore they are not entirely identical".

"And suddenly we are faced with a work of art made with toilet paper, which everyone uses but [that] nobody cares about," she said.

With works of art exhibited in countries like Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, France, Greece and Germany, Daniela Steele challenged Suavecel, a paper processing company in Viana do Castelo, to collaborate with this artistic creation, through the highest range of toilet paper produced in the company.

In addition to the painter, Paula Rego, the 2017 edition of the biennial will also honor the artist Ernesto de Sousa (1921-1988) and the sculptor Jaime Azinheira (1944-2016).

The biennial program, which had the sculptor José Rodrigues as one of the founders, will include representations from 14 universities, higher and polytechnic schools in the artistic areas, invited national and international artists with national and international curators, shows, conferences and debates, workshops, workshops , guided tours, among other actions.

In 2015, the Vila Nova de Cerveira Art Biennial received more than 80 thousand visitors, in the 12 spaces that hosted more than 500 works of art, signed by four hundred artists from 33 countries.

According to the organization, the budget of the last edition was around 450 thousand euros, supported by the local chamber, the General Director for the Arts and sponsors.


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